Quaero Life Science is in the list of 72 medical equipment products ‘Manufacturing Boutique from Zhejiang’


‘Medical device industry is a sunrise industry with intensive capital and technology,relevance industrial and broad development prospects, it is also an important part of large health industry and modern pharmaceutical industry in Zhejiang’ said by Sue Wang who is Deputy Director of Zhejiang Economic and Information Commission on ’Manufacturing Boutique from Zhejiang’ -- High-end medical equipment (products) promotion meeting. Up to now, Zhejiang Province has carried out two batches of ’Manufacturing Boutique from Zhejiang’ , a total of 72 medical device products were identified as ’Manufacturing Boutique from Zhejiang’.

Congratulations to Quaero Life Science for being selected in the 2016 ’Manufacturing Boutique from Zhejiang’ public announcement list (medical devices). Please see the "Medical Device Innovation Network" public list.