Refer to LAW OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA ON EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS, explain with the actual situation of the company

1、Basic Principles of Employement

1、The recruitment of employees is carried out according to the needs of the company.

2、Recruitment and promotion is based on the working ability and work performance of employees.

3、The company adopts the principle of fair, just and open , according to the anti-discrimination policy, recruting excellent and suitable talent, without any restriction on their nationality, gender, age, position, religion, physiology and nationality. All employees are required to pass the interview, written test or practical operation before they can be hired.

4、Recruitment method: external recruitment and internal recommendation, recruitment is based on interview.

5、People who has served in the company before, except for the case of dismissal by the company, can be employed again with normal employment procedures .

6、The use of minors under the age of 16 (child labor) is prohibited. If child labor is found to be employed or has been used, the remedial procedures for child labor will be followed.

7、The use of prisoners is prohibited.

2、Terms of Employement

1、Provided with the original ID card, education certificate, relevant qualification certificate, and special operate qualification certificate.

2、Provided with certificate of separation from former company.

3、Applicants can be employed by the company only after they pass the relevant interview procedures, background check and physical examination. The physical examination will be conducted before the formal entry, and it will be informed in advance that the physical examination items shall not include hepatitis B virus serological index and pregnancy test.

4、The following cases will be regarded as not meeting the employment conditions:

  • -Those who have been dismissed from the Company or left without approval.
  • -Those who have not reached the age of 16.
  • -Those who have obtained entry qualifications by deception or concealment.
  • -Those who are alcoholics or drug addicts.

3、Onboarding Process

1、New employees should first report to the Department of Personnel and Administration for the following procedures:

  • -Fill in the relevant personnel information forms .
  • -Verify the original academic certificates and record them.
  • -Verify and submit the original ID card, the original employment   documents of various types specified by the local government, and   transfer various social security.
  • -Submitting three recent one-inch, half-size, bareheaded photographs.
  • -Other formalities that need to be handled.

2、New employees will communicate with Human Resources and Administration Department on the first day of employment about working considerations.

3、The company organizes new employees to attend the induction training, including company introduction, salary details, welfare, disciplinary requirements, environmental health and safety regulations.

4、New employees will be issued with computers, office supplies and other items according to their jobs.These issued items should be returned when employee leaves the company. If items are lost or damaged, employees need to compensate based on financial depreciation.

5、After employees joining in, the company will sign an employment contract with employees accroding to the legal employment certificate provided by employees. If the procedures specified in item 1 of this clause are not available before the end of the probationary period, according to the government relations, company can terminate the labor contract without any economic compensation.

6、If employees' personal information have changed,such as address, marital status, maternity status and emergency contacts, Human Resources and Administration Department should be informed within seven working days.

4、Probation Process

1、The probationary period is generally implemented for new employees, and the probationary period must comply with labor regulations and should be specified in the labor contract.

2、Before the completion of the probationary period, the new employees will be assessed by the head of each department, and those who pass the assessment will be formally hired. The year of service in the company will be calculated from the date of regularization.

3、If an employee fails to perform his or her job during the probationary period or fails the assessment, the company will notify him or her in written form three days in advance to terminate the labor contract without any economic compensation.

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